Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Unexpected moment


Today is 19th May 2011, my birthday. I've received lots of birthday wishes from my family and friends. Last but not least, wishes from my pupils. They even sang for me.

Early in the morning, when I entered my class, I could hear a Birthday song sang for me. There were even two chocolate cakes on the table. I was so surprised. I was about not going to school because I'm having a bad fever for 3 days and today my fever is getting worse. Feel so lucky today. I got more presents today. I already got  so many presents on Monday for Teacher's Day.Thanks to my pupils. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera today, so I can't keep today's memory in pictures. But, I would like to share two pictures here: a picture of my presents ;p, and a picture of my cake baked by my elder sis! thanks kak e!
                                                   Thanks to all my pupils
                    Pink and Green theme!...haven't receive the cake yet..huhuhu. Mr Postman, faster please

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